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About Pamper Plus

 We all need a little self care and pampering in our busy lives, i am here to provide just that 100% Covid safe and free.

I offer only professional Hygienic Treatments with only the best quality products.

I am committed to each and every client and 

I pride myself in surpassing your expectations on treatments to make sure you receive a tranquil, safe, comfortable, tailored experience and leave only wanting more...

 come join me on a journey to relaxation in my beautiful retreat surrounded by tranquil sounds and smells, escape while experiencing pure indulgence.

Ask me about the mobile services available for those times you need me to come to you...

Welcome to Pamper Plus

My studies were completed at the reputable Inspiring Beauty in Bayswater,

I could not have completed my studies without these amazing ladies by my side, and they're still there to this day.


Bath Blends

A Beautiful Range of Natural Blends Full of the Highest Quality Ingredients, Created By hand with care and purpose,

Not only are Bath Soaks, Blends and Salts relaxing, adding the right blend of ingredients carefully together they can also be beneficial to treating some skincare concerns, they can help with the healing process of some physical wounds, but most importantly they can help with the healing of the mind body and spirit.


Dried Botanicals, Clay, Salts, Milks, Essential Oils to name a few are all carefully selected for their healing properties, whether its for skin concerns, mental health and mindfulness or just a matter of me time and self-care and pampering yourself.

These Amazing blends are blended together by hand to make sure that the perfect balance of ingredients, care and intentions is in every batch.

They are Packaged by hand and Blessed with the best intentions before they are sent on the journey of healing others.